We Talked To The Person In This Picture To Find Out What Happened. See If She And The Goat Still Have Beef.

We tracked down the young woman in the picture below and asked her to clear some things up for us. Find out what it’s like to be attacked by a goat, if she and the goat are back on good terms… and if “Gangnam Style” is still relevant.


1. How are you feeling? Did you sustain any injuries from this vicious goat attack? “Okay, to start: This wasn’t a viscous attack. Lanie and I were playing.â€Â 2. Whose goat is that? “My really good friend, Melissa’s.â€Â 3. How did this happen? You mentioned that the goat’s name is Lanie, is she usually throwing down with people indoors? “We were playing a game while Melissa was taking photos. We took so many pictures all at once and just picked the coolest one. Lanie doesn’t throw down at all (laughs). This happened because we were playing with her. When you push on Lanie’s head, she backs up and charges. She doesn’t have horns and doesn’t come charging fast, though the picture shows otherwise.â€Â 4. What was going through your head at the exact moment this picture was taken? “I was laughing hysterically when this happened, so I was probably thinking ‘Don’t pee on yourself!'” 5. Are you and Lanie on good terms again? “Lanie and I were always on good terms.â€Â 6. Now that the picture has gone viral, do people treat you differently? What about goats? You must be some sort of legend in their world. “No one treats me different. People usually just tag me in the articles they come across on the Internet and laugh.â€Â 7. If you had to take a similar picture with a different animal, which animal would you pick and why? “I think this picture is awesome and couldn’t be any better with another animal (laughs), so I’m sticking with Lanie.â€Â 8. If you could sic Lanie on one person, who would it be? “I wish Lanie did sic after people.â€Â 9. Do you think “Gangnam Styleâ€Â is still relevant? “Of course it is!â€Â 10. If NBC asked you and Lanie to create a sitcom based on your relationship, what would the show’s title be? “’Share the Bed’! She loved to push people out of bed.â€Â 11. Muhammad Ali is considered by many to be the “GOATâ€Â (Greatest of All Time) when it comes to boxing. Who do you think would win in a fight, Ali or Lanie? “…â€Â 13. Would you have noticed that there’s no 12th question if the 13th didn’t point out that it’s missing? “Nope!â€Â 14. Do you have any pictures of Lanie during happier times that you’d like to share with our readers? 15. Thanks! If you could do it all over again, would you? “I would totally do it again.â€Â If that’s not an endorsement for going out and getting attacked by the next goat you see, I don’t know what is! Share this post using the button below.

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