Ugh, Now EVERYONE Is Taking Selfies

You’d be hard-pressed to find a living person who hasn’t taken at least one selfie. If your phone has a camera, you’ve probably taken a selfie. Even if you didn’t post it to Instagram with a million different hashtags, you still took one–you just skipped out on all of the wonderfully, imaginary points that are likes.

Now, it seems as if the selfie phenomenon has crossed over and become popular with the non-living as well. No, ghosts aren’t getting together at night to snap some with their besties in the bathroom (that we know of, at least), it’s statues that are getting in on the action. With some help from Redditor Jazus_ur_lookin_well, the marble men of the Crawford Art Gallery in Cork, Ireland took a few solo shots that I think you’d be interested in seeing.

Check them out!

Selfie time!

Way to work it!

OMG delete!

(Reddit via TwistedSifter)

No smiles? Oh, right. They’re statues. What a clever way to use a modern fad and some classic sculpture! Who would have thought the two would go together so well?

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