This Woman Found 15 Abandoned Black Kittens In A Suitcase Outside Her Home.

When Southampton, England, resident Sarah Mills walked outside to take out the trash, she heard something that sounded like crying coming from an abandoned suitcase nearby. There were no identification tags, so she opened it to investigate the source of the sound and was shocked at what she discovered: 15 adorable black kittens.

Mills, who happens to run an animal shelter named All Animal Rescue, said she had never seen this many precious pets discarded and at such a young age. The kittens are about a month old and likely from two separate litters.

They were all covered with fleas and infected with worms.

They were also suffering from cat flu, which can be fatal in such young kittens.

The local RSPCA is investigating to find the culprit, but have few leads to go on.

Earlier this year, many charities reported the rise in black cats being abandoned ( maybe for their inability to show up in selfies?).

How could people be so cruel to such sweet faces??

Investigators hope the spread of this story can help the community find the person responsible for the terrible act.

Ten have been sheltered at RSPCA’s Stubbington Ark Rescue Centre.

The remaining five have been fostered.

(via Mirror.)

It’s remarkable that they were found by someone who could give them the care they desperately needed. It’s unbelievable that there are people in the world that are cruel enough to abuse such sweet and innocent creatures. Help your local shelters by locating them and giving a donation. Or, you can volunteer.

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