This Unconventional Animal Rescue Story Is Equal Parts Creepy And Emotional

Most of the rescue stories we share here on ViralNova are focused on dogs, cats, and the occasional barn animal. But what about tarantulas? Sure, they’re pretty creepy up close, but even they can get into trouble every now and then, and their humans get just as upset as dog and cat owners! People who appreciate wildlife in all forms also care about the safety of these critters, whether they live in houses or forests.

When these eight-legged critters need help, spider lovers spring into action to save them. Redditor chandalowe is one of those people.

He was out hiking in California when he spotted this little guy hanging out in a tree in broad daylight.

The thing is, tarantulas in that region live in burrows. Being stuck out there on a branch made him a sitting duck for any bird or coyote that happened to fly or walk by.

So chandalowe boosted up the spider’s legs so it could get a firmer grip.

What probably happened is that this it was trying to cross a low-hanging branch on the ground, got turned around, and ended up climbing the tree instead.

After the Redditor helped his eight-legged friend out, it started climbing higher.

Even though it was only three feet off the ground at that point, a fall from that height could have been deadly.

To avoid the possibility of a fall, chandalowe let the tarantula crawl off the tree and onto his hand.

The bug was surprisingly calm and gladly took the help chandalowe offered.

That is one good-looking spider.

After the fact, chandalowe said that he briefly considered keeping this little guy as a pet, but decided against it.

Instead, he took one last picture for the road.

Then he sent it off on its merry way.

(source: Reddit)

We tend to think of tarantulas as being these horrible creatures, but they’re actually pretty cool and calm if they’re not provoked. I still wouldn’t recommend approaching one in the wild, but there’s no need to run away screaming if you see that it needs help.

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