This Stray Pit Bull Will Show You What True Friendship Means.

If you don’t already believe that animals have emotions, then this story of two dogs will make you a believer. A stray Pitbull and a small Chihuahua lived a rough life together in Savannah, Georgia. They were found roaming the streets together, both of them in terrible condition. They were brought into a dog rescue to be fed and treated. Before long, their tale of loyalty and friendship stole everyone’s heart. These dogs overcame the odds and found true love. It may be impossible not to be moved by this.

Meet Joanie…

…and her best friend, Chachi.

The pair were found wandering the streets of Savannah. Joanie was carrying Chachi in her mouth, stopping every now and then to lick her poor friend’s infected eye.

Police brought them both to the Savannah Chatham Metropolitan Animal Control Shelter (SCMAC) where Chachi received surgery on his eye. They were unable to save it, but Joanie doesn’t mind. Chicks dig scars.

The two are as inseparable as their namesakes.

Joanie loves Chachi!

And the happy couple doesn’t have to worry about being separated any time soon.

They’ve both been adopted together and will soon be heading to sunny Florida!

Happy days, indeed!

(via BuzzFeed.) These two best friends are so lucky to have found a home together. Not many dogs are lucky enough to find a forever home – period. If you’d like to help other dogs who might be in search of a home, find a local shelter. Even if you can’t adopt, you can volunteer or make donations. Share their touching rescue story (and friendship) with your friends by clicking the link below.

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