This Poor Donkey Had Known Nothing But Abuse…But Look At Him Now!

The people at Animal Aid Unlimited have helped countless animals in need before, mostly dogs and cows who roam India’s rural roads in the millions. But it’s not often that they come across donkeys.

Donkeys are used as working animals in India and are generally treated with care. After all, a farmer’s livelihood might depend on the health of his livestock. However, this poor donkey was not so lucky. He had been horrendously abused by his owner and left to die by the side of a road. Luckily, Animal Aid was there to rescue him, heal his wounds, and give him a permanent, loving home at the Bonnie Christopher Forever Home for Donkeys.

Seeing Lance at the end with all the other donkeys brought a huge smile to my face. Please consider donating here to Animal Aid Unlimited — without their incredible work, I don’t want to think about what would have happened to Lance.

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