This Little Girl’s Adorable Outfits Puts All Other Halloween Costumes To Shame.

I thought my days of being jealous of other kids’ Halloween costumes were over. Apparently, I was wrong. There’s always one you see while trick-or-treating whose parents love going above and beyond to make the most elaborate costume for their little one. Store-bought costumes won’t cut it for these cool kiddos.

Little Willow takes the crown when it comes to the impressive get-ups her mom fashioned for her over the years. Her mom, photographer Gina Lee, captures the cutie rocking these adorable outfits.

The cutest employee at Hot Dog on a Stick.

A real life Cabbage Patch Kid.

Lil’ Orphan Annie, with her dad as Daddy Warbucks.

A much less grouchy Lieutenant Dan and Forrest Gump.

Hanging out with a greaser as a Pink Lady.

Taking a three hour tour as Gilligan and The Skipper.

Strolling down the aisle as Princess Kate with her own Prince William.

This Troll Doll will bring you all kinds of luck.

Definitely the In-N-Out employee of the month.

The Morton’s Salt girl will guide your way through the storm.

Helping E.T. phone home.

Contemplating her next masterpiece as Frida Kahlo.

The sweetest See’s Candies girl.

(H/T: BuzzFeed.)

You can check out more of the munchkin on her mom’s blog. And hey, you still have time to step up your own costume game before Halloween. Make Willow proud.

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