This Is The Most Ridiculous Chest Hair You’ll Ever See.

Growing Chest Hair is a rite of passage in every man’s life. Some get a lot, some get a little, but every man gets some.┬áThese guys here have taken their chest hair game to a whole other level. I wish I could compete, but they’d just blow me out of the water.

Creatively shaving your chest hair isn’t exactly recommended, but these guys didn’t care. Here are some of the most creative chest hair designs from across the net.

Anyone want a drink?

Hairier than a speeding bullet.

This guy is a super fan.

I bet that guy with the stars and bars couldn’t grow that onto his body. Sucker.

Hey, my eyes are up here!


This dude transformed his chest hair.

He’s back!

Those look like elf feet.

The old chest mustache.

Exposed yet not exposed.

The Dark Knight Rises!

A true patriot.

… this redefines “manly,” I think. (If “manly” could mean “totally weird chest hair.”) I can’t say I like it, but their attempt at style should be celebrated! Share this post if you know someone who could do this or has done it.

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