This Family May Be A Little Different Than Yours, But The Love Is All The Same.

If the only thing that’s preventing you from having a family of your own is that you don’t want to raise a child on your own, consider exploring the world of co-parenting. It’s a great way for two people to bring a child into the world without having the romantic part of parenthood. Co-parents are close, perhaps even closer than most parents, but the relationships are not sexual in nature. They’re a team of two who are fulfilling their dreams of raising a child in a positive and supportive environment.

Fabian Blue and Dawn Pieke are co-parents who met on a Facebook group dedicated to helping people find an equal partner to raise a child. Both in their early forties, the pair knew they wanted to have a kid. However, they were hesitant to subject themselves to the stress, fees, and possible rejection that can come with adoption, single parenthood, or finding a surrogate. After discussing their thoughts on religion and how they feel a child should be raised, the two decided that they wanted to be co-parents. Shortly after, they welcomed Indigo Pieke-Blue to the world.  

Fabian with Indigo

Dawn with Indigo

The Family with Rosie O’Donnell

They Grow Up So Fast!

For more on Fabian Blue and Dawn Pieke’s co-parenting journey, check out this short documentary.

THE STORY OF INDIGO from Fabian Blue on Vimeo.

What a lovely family they have! Best of luck to Fabian, Dawn, and little Indigo.

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