This Brilliant Latte Art Is So Awesome. But Now I Need A Coffee.

Who doesn’t love a good latte every once and a while? They’re creamy, they’re delicious, and they’re chock full of glorious caffeine. What else could you want out of a coffee beverage? How about a little bit of art?

Latte art is nothing new, but it has gotten a lot more sophisticated over the last couple of years. Just check out these pictures. They all look so delicious.

1.) Walter White enjoys lattes.

2.) Mario style.

3.) Nothing like coffee and Guns and Roses.

4.) Who ya gonna call?

5.) Grumpy latte.

6.) Presidential.

7.) Would you like a some product placement with your coffee?

8.) Storm tropper.

9.) Snoopy and Woodstock.

10.) Jim Morrison still looks good, even as a latte.

11.) John Latte.

12.) This one is seriously amazing.

13.) Jimi Hendrix.

14.) Time is melting.

15.) America’s favorite cartoon family.

16.) Such coffee.

17.) Drinking this will make you smarter.

18.) South by Southwest.

19.) So happy.

20.) Intense coffee.

21.) The peanuts gang.

22.) Practical physics theories with your coffee.

23.) Harry Potter.

24.) The Scream.

Excuse me while I go grab a coffee. Before you do too, make sure to share this post on Facebook by clicking below.

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