These Awkward Dads Will Make Your Father Look Like James Bond. Put A Shirt On, #8!

Daaaaaaaads, stop it! You’re embarrassing all of us. Those jokes you told to the waitress at Applebee’s last week were bad enough; now you’re holding the family dog over your naked junk for a graduation photo? What were you thinking? No one should have to see that, especially the dog. We’re not mad, we’re just disappointed. Oh, and really, really, weirded out.

1. What a firecracker!

2. The poor kid will be wrestling with this image for their entire life.

3. Woof.

4. Can’t beat those father-son mammaries.

5. Cut it out.

6. Hopefully their embarrassment doesn’t take as long to fade as the tattoo will.

7. Speedon’t.

8. I guess this dad didn’t get the memo about only being a little creepy.

9. At least now the kid knows how not to recycle. That’s a start.

10. Trophy Son.

11. It’s okay, the little guy’s left handed.

12. Never has anyone so young seemed so over it.

13. If you think this is embarrassing now, wait until he starts dancing.

14. It must have been so hard to get that baby to leave the womb.

15. Thank god for moms.

(via: aplus) I can’t believe their children would let them out of the house like that. Just wait until they get home tonight. Share this post using the button below.

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