These 7 Simple Photography Hacks Will Turn You Into A Pro.

If you’re dabbling as an amateur photog, doomed to a fate as your family’s free event photographer for life, these hacks are for you. They’re from the guys over at the Cooperative of Photography and these brilliant tips will help bump up your price range without costing you an arm and a leg on art school tuition.

You will need a basic understanding of DSLR and GoPro equipment, but once you’ve mastered that you’ll see there’s even more fun to be had. Take a look.

Mount the GoPro on an egg timer, set the timer, create a gorgeous timelapse!

Draw on the plastic bag with colored pens, tear a hole in the bag, then place over the lens.

Screw the filter on your lens, then smear the vaseline around the edges to create a blurry vignette.

Measure the flash on your tupperware to create a hole, cut the hole out, layer the inside of the tupperware with transparent paper, layer one side with tin foil and put the lid on.

Mount welding glass with elastic bands, set your shutter speed to 15, f-number to 4,0, and ISO to 250.

Tie the string to your tripod mount, making sure the string is long enough to reach your feet while you shoot and…

Cut a shape out of the cardboard, stick it on your lens, set your shutter speed to 1/200, f-number 1,8, and ISO 320.

(via Gizmodo.)

Now you’re a total pro! You can check out more tips on COOPH’s website and YouTube account. Basically, you don’t need to spend hundreds (or thousands?) of dollars on fancy equipment. If you want to make your pictures look cool, just follow these simple steps.

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