These 28 People Failed So Hard That You’ll Cringe. These Get Better And Better… LOL.

Humans make mistakes. That’s normal. Although, some of us are unfortunate enough to have our mistake caught on film. Those are the kinds of slip-ups that never die because they have become immortalized. And now, we’re sharing some of the best fails that were recorded with you. Some of them are so bad, they’re kinda genius.

1.) A wildlife photographer who missed his shot.

2.) This beginner paintball fan.

3.) The person who completed this excellent parking job.

4.) This kid who just wanted to practice parkour.

5.) An over-zealous Rihanna fan.

6.) A Men in Black wannabe.

7.) This guy who really wanted to try a backflip.

8.) Aw, a centaur-human wedding.

9.) This practical joker.

10.) The stuntman in training you see here.

11.) These humans that lost at a cross-species race.

12.) The brilliant and honest kid behind this answer.

13.) He should never be an NFL kicker.

14.) The guy who thought getting his blackbelt would be easy.

15.) This geography whiz.

16.) The guy who just wanted to be a kingpin.

17.) This guy that got what was coming to him.

18.) The guy who didn’t know how an automatic car wash worked.

19.) He just wanted to take the polar bear plunge.

20.) He just isn’t a history buff.

21.) This guy learned his lesson about vandalism.

22.) SO CLOSE.

23.) This case of instant karma.

24.) Showing off never ends well. Especially when stoves are involved.

25.) The employee who designed this front page.

26.) The guy who just refused to have common sense.

27.) What goes around, comes around.

28.) This is NOT how you rob a store.

Don’t feel bad if you’ve ever done anything in this list. At least you don’t have it up on the internet (and if you’re one of these people, don’t worry, you’re famous now). 🙂 (H/T BuzzFeed) Share these hilarious photos with others by clicking on the button below.

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