These 23 Cool Kids With Their Totally Awesome Pet Best Friends Know What’s Up

It’s important for kids to learn the benefits of having someone around to watch your back. Even if it’s just so you guys can get into more trouble together, it’s always better to use the buddy system.

And the perfect sidekick, of course? Their own personal animal best friend. These awesome kids know exactly what we’re talking about.

1. “‘Sup, bullies, wanna make fun of me now with my little friend?”

2. “Pants are for suckers.”

3. “I claim this mountain of fur as mine!”

4. “What should we do today?” “I dunno, knock stuff over?” “Yeah.”

5. “At midnight, we ride.”

6. Waiting for dinner with his royal taste tester.

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7. “We demand to call our lawyer!”

8. Something tells me they’ll be having tofurky for Thanksgiving.

9. “Where to today, dude?”

10. He may be small, but no one messes with his squad.

11. Sssso ssssnuggly!

12. He wins every race with this pit crew nearby.

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13. “We found the treasure*!”

*Treasure may or may not be a tennis ball.

14. “I’ve been practicing my smile in the mirror all week!”

15. Just a coupla kids up to no good…

16. “My transformation is almost complete.”

17. They’re her knights in shiny coats.

18. “Dude, teach me how to do that!”

19. “Alright, ready for today’s mission!”

20. They become escape artists way too early these days…

A photo posted by Lisa (@lisasixx_) on Sep 20, 2015 at 9:07pm PDT

21. Winners of the World Pup Cup.

22. “You talkin’ to us?”

23. Their wings might be out of commission, but that doesn’t stop them from brainstorming evil genius plans.

I’m pretty sure each and every one of them might take over the world together. They just have to make it through elementary school first.

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