These 18 Annoying Things Will Be So Much Better After You See This. I’m Trying #3 Right Away.

Sometimes we make life harder on ourselves. Disorganization and laziness can lead to a lot of chores going by the wayside. Thankfully, with a little creativity, there are simple ways that we can cut through the clutter of our lives. “Life hacks” are priceless because 1.) they’re usually free and 2.) they make annoying or difficult tasks much easier. These 18 new life hacks are great because they’re so easy, you have to try them out.

1.) Turn your cell phone into a loud alarm clock.

2.) Amplify your phone’s speakers by putting it in a bowl.

3.) Use this cheap and healthy alternative to coffee.

4.) Stop pots from boiling over.

5.) Never forget things you’ve loaned to people ever again.

6.) Steam your shirts effortlessly.

7.) Avoid garbage juice in the trash.

8.) Separate egg yolks in a snap.

9.) Easily remove strawberry stems.

10.) Light hard-to-reach candles easily.

11.) Get ice cold water, every time.

12.) Heat up leftovers the right way.

13.) Toast bread perfectly for sandwiches.

14.) Know when to eat your avocados.

15.) Reheat more items in the microwave.

16.) Find lost earrings quickly.

17.) Open tough jars using duct tape.

18.) A cheap (but sort of gross) way to clean your toilets.

I wouldn’t have thought of any of these myself, but I know that life is going to be a lot easier now. Unless, of course, I don’t own any of the commonplace items used in these hacks. Via Dorm Stormer Share these awesome life hacks with your friends and make their lives easier, too!

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