There’s No Way These 24 Stupid People Can Be Serious. But Wow… Sadly They Are.

It’s impossible to say for sure what these people were thinking when they said these things online, but we’re so glad they did. Because they’re HILARIOUS. They are seriously the funniest things that have ever happened in the history of the internet, and will have you cringing when you realize you probably said something similar at least once. Just look… and sigh.

1. Sigh…

2. Well, he tried.

3. This person is trouble.

4. 0_0

5. This is awesome.

6. Don’t wake him up anytime soon.

7. Totally the wrong place…

8. HAHAHA. You see it right?

9. I love these people.

10. Awesome-sauce.

11. Yuppp.

12. [Slap forehead]

13. Well, neither of them went there I guess.

14. Seriously?

15. Read the bottom.

16. Umm?

17. So… it’s a status update?

18. YOLO, please…

19. Grammar teachers are cringing.

20. Oh no.

21. Really?

22. 🙂

23. My dad is yelling somewhere.

24. REALLY?!

(H/T: eBaum’s World) Lost your faith in humanity yet? I know I have. Pass on the cringe by sharing below.

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