So You Think You Love Dogs? You Simply Cannot Compete With This Family

Lynn Everett and her husband, Tony, live in a pretty normal house in south Yorkshire, England. If you walked past it on the street, you wouldn’t assume anything was out of the ordinary. But if you rang the doorbell, you’d be greeted with a woman covered in dog hair. Other than that, she’s just like any strong-willed woman…it’s just the 41 dogs that make this household special. The only thing keeping her from getting even more pups is that the city has limited her to the 41 she’s got now!

You do not want to visit if you’re allergic…

It’s craziness! And this isn’t even half of them.

(via Laughing Squid)

While it may seem a bit wacky to you, this way of life is the norm for the Everetts. The dogs are more than adequately cared for, and it’s clear that they mean more than the world to Lynn.

I’m going to throw it out there, but I think she might love dogs more than any of us…

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