Scientists Have Discovered A New Kind Of Fire That Could Clean Up Oil Spills

While I may not be a pyromaniac, I can’t ignore the fact that fire can be visually stimulating.

And while fire has been around for thousands of years, scientists are still making new discoveries all the time.

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Recently, researchers at the University of Maryland discovered a new fiery phenomenon that is sure to hypnotize you or make your head spin.

What starts as a simple yellow flame quickly transforms into a whirling, blue cyclone of fire.

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Known as the “blue whirl,” this spinning flame of fire is formed when there is enough oxygen within the flame, as well as minimal soot. This enables a quicker combustion as well as a cleaner burn. This new discovery is anticipated to set scientists on a course of exploration that could lead to real-life application in cleaning up potential oil spills.

Wait until you see the blue whirl in action:

Now before you try recreating the blue whirl at home, remember what Smokey the Bear said.

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