Nothing To See Here…Just An 18-Foot Python Trying To Cross The Road

Have we as a society ever definitively concluded why the chicken chose to cross the road? I believe the reason why was to get to the other side. I know that’s a controversial stance on the matter, which is why I’m going to distract you with another question: Why did the 18-foot python cross the road?

That’s the question South African motorists are asking themselves after witnessing a giant python cross a highway in the country’s Kruger National Park. Dash cam footage shows the massive snake slithering out into the middle of the road before disappearing into a giant pothole.

Luckily, drivers were good sports about the massive snake and let it get where it was going before continuing on their way.

(via The Daily Mail)

So there you have it. The python crossed the road to get to the giant pothole right in the middle. Maybe chickens and pythons have more in common than we thought.

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