John Walls Nasty Reverse Wins Dunk Contest Held Using Inexplicable, Confusing New Format

1. John Wall got the second round of a relatively uneventful dunk contest popping Saturday night with this effort.

2. The crowd, and the Wizards’ creepy sex-burglar mascot, were psyched to see what the contest’s traditional one-on-one final round would have in store.

3. But then, for some reason involving…Sprite…something…(?), the Eastern Conference contestants got a trophy…then Wall got another trophy…and the contest was over.

4. Neither the crowd in New Orleans nor fans online seemed to understand what was going on, the anti-climactic situation best summed up by the reaction (from earlier in the night) of recording artist Cornell Haynes.

5. Format aside, at least Wall’s winning dunk was legit.

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