In Case You Didn’t Know, Mountain Goats Are Awesome. Here’s Why.

Mountain goats have the unique ability to climb all over the place like Spider-Man. Their hooves uniquely evolved into awesome climbing tools that allow them to end up in some pretty strange places. Sometimes they even get themselves into places they aren’t quite sure how to get out of – then they just sorta stare as if to wait for a rescue helicopter to come by.

But one thing’s for sure. They can do all sorts of stuff we can’t, and I’m jealous.

There’s climbing fun for the whole goat family.

They can just chill on the side of a mountain. No big deal.

Oh, and they can jump, too.

When they fight, it’s mostly just a lot of intimidating staring.

Sometimes they even defy the laws of gravity.

And other times, they just sorta hang out to show off to those of us with normal feet.

This one blends in with his surroundings. Just because he can.

They can even smile for the camera.

Balancing for them is literally no problem.


It’s a big world out there when vertical and horizontal surfaces are both fair game. I’m officially jealous of mountain goats.

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