Importance of Punctuation, Comma should be after ‘DICK’, Right?

The importance of punctuation
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  • AndyCraig

    It’s Bill Maher, probably not a typo.

  • Takethatusername

    Unless the situation is reversed. In which case, Dick Cheney sucks george bush dick too??

  • BlakeWright

    Oh look, it’s Mitt Romney’s running mate Fox.

  • CaptainCompost

    Am I the only one who hates Fox News?

  • IllKissyouonthemouthKennyRogers

    “This image was created for parody entertainment.” Sorry Fox news haters… find somethin’ else!

  • TUGboatJOB

    Don’t worry it’s just Fox News, people who watch that can’t read.

  • carewyllie

    As much as I hate “Faux” News, I do think this was shopped. lol

  • aguynamedsal

    He’s no asshole. He’s right and he KNOWS it. This man is awesome!

  • labiator

    The dick sucking must have been mind blowing.

  • mybad

    Bill Maher did that on purpose. I LOVE BILL MAHER

  • watsonstrikerpie

    George Bush sucks; Dick Cheney does too./ George Bush sucks dick; Cheney does too.

  • DaPreacher

    Ewww…..for a moment I had a mental picture of the both of them in a 69 position giving it hard to each other….

  • NexIuguolo

    Fox does this on purpose and acts like it’s an accident.