How To Dress Like A Basic Bitch For Halloween

1. Halloween will be here BEFORE YOU KNOW IT this year. Which means time is running out for you to pick your costume! The good news is it is super easy to go as a basic bitch. Here’s how.

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2. Step 1: You’ll need a North Face Denali Jacket. Price: $179.

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This is available in most department stores or sporting goods stores.

3. Step 2: Lululemon Wunder Under™ Pants. Price: $82

Lululemon / Via

Don’t worry, you don’t really have to do yoga to have these.

4. Step 3: UGG Boots. Price: $195

Go with the classic tan in tall to perfect your BB look.

5. Step 4: Pumpkin Spice Latte. Price: About $4.50

You can get as many of these as you want!

6. BONUS: Taylor Swift 1989 Album. Price: $13.88

Taylor Swift / Amazon / Via

The Basics looooove Taylor.

7. Instagram filters. Price: FREE

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8. Total cost to be a basic bitch for Halloween this year: $474.38

Samir Mezrahi / BuzzFeed

And now you know.

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