How Doctors Turned A Beautiful Baby Girl Into An Even More Beautiful Baby Girl. This Is Great.

When this little girl, Emma, was only six months old her parents noticed something was wrong. It looks as if she is just making funny faces, but there was an underlying condition. She was basically born with crooked eyes and her pediatrician was unable to diagnose her at 3 or 5 months. So, they began on a journey to correct their little girl’s eyes.

The pediatrician didn’t think that the condition would be permanent, thus the lack of diagnosis.

As the months progressed (4 months)…

Her eyes didn’t correct themselves (5 months).

Finally, at 6 months, her parents knew something needed to be done.

At 8 months old, she got her first pair of glasses (which were adorable).

She looked quite fancy at her baptism.

“Because the pediatrician failed to see her strabismus earlier on, she developed a lazy eye. She has a big preference for her left eye and will use it whenever she can, so we had to patch it in order to force her to use her right eye.”

At 14 months she was getting pretty used to her life with glasses.

And finally, the day of the surgery to correct the esotropia-strabismus.

After the surgery, Emma’s eyes would have felt like sandpaper. She was pretty upset (and it was pretty heartbreaking).

Finally sleeping with mommy.

Her eyes were sensitive to light at first, so the nurses gave her some pink star glasses that she loved.

Now, Emma’s sight is much better and she doesn’t require the patch or glasses for now. What a cutie.

Congenital esotropia is a type of strabismus that appears within the first 6 months. The reason Emma’s doctor might have overlooked the diagnosis was because in the first months of life, it is common for the eyes to intermittently become misaligned. However, if that misalignment persists, that’s when you should take your baby to see pediatric ophthalmologist. Source: Reddit We’re so happy Emma’s surgery had a happy ending! Share her journey with others by clicking on the button below.

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