Here Are 12 Ridiculous Yet Absurdly Useful Ways To Use Your Laptop After It Dies. Genius!

The portable ‘laptop’ computer is undeniably one of mankind’s greatest achievements in technology in the last 20 years. But did you know your laptop has many more uses other than browsing the internet, playing games or creating spreadsheets? Whether it’s broken or not, and no matter how old it is, it can still serve all of these fantastic alternative uses:

Is the fan broken and your laptop is overheating? No problem, now you can make breakfast.

We’ve all been there before, we’ve got some nuts that need cracking but we can’t find the darn nutcracker. That’s where that old laptop comes in.

The subway is running late again and there is no place to sit…well, think again!

Ping Pong is the only game that broken down laptop will let you play now.

Any laptop makes an excellent dustpan.

Has the touchpad stopped working? Time to turn that laptop into a mousetrap to capture a mouse for the computer.

Practice your Kung Fu moves using that ol…actually, on second thoughts this one might not be such a good idea.

Don’t mind the license plate, snow scraper is a perfectly sane use for an old laptop.

Polly wants a cracker you say? No she doesn’t. All she wants is this sweet high-tech home.

You’ll never again forget where the emergency exit is.

Let there be light.

That laptop died due to a bug problem, now it’s being used to get rid of a different type of bug problem. The literal kind.

Beware though. If your laptop is working just fine, don’t count on it actually turning back on if you engage in any of these ridiculous shenanigans.

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