He Sat Down To Play The Piano, But What This Elephant Did Was Priceless

Back in 2011, Thailand experienced a series of devastating floods. A lot of the cities were ravaged and many of the residents were forced to evacuate their homes and leave some of their precious treasures behind.

At the Elephant Kraal in Ayutthaya, one of the special treasures that was considered unsalvageable was an upright piano. The piano was submerged in the flood waters twice and many thought no one would ever be able to play it again. But then something miraculous happened…they started repairs on the piano to restore it to near-working condition! Watch as pianist Scott Joplin plays the piano for a lucky elephant. It’s simply adorable.

At the end when he squeaks, it’s like his own version of applause! How adorable is that? I guess this just goes to show you, everyone likes music — even pachyderms!

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