Give Your Kitchen A Log Cabin Feel With Just $20 Worth Of Materials

When Sammy and Sufi of The Cozy Home Chronicles were hunting for inspiration in IKEA one day, they stumbled upon a wooden accent wall displaying dishes. With a need for a new backsplash, they took the idea home and started to make it their own.

In all, they spent less than $20 and an hour on their adorable log cabin-inspired upgrade to their kitchen — check it out!

Here’s what they used:

  • Nail gun
  • Nails
  • Tile spacers
  • Miter saw
  • Pencil

After measuring out their space and deciding on how to set up their backsplash, they got to work!

The couple recommends marking outlets and cabinets first so you don’t have to rejigger your design as you go.

If you get everything pre-cut to your needed dimensions, installation should be a breeze. Make sure to account for the tile spacers in your measurements, too.

Sammy and Sufi alternated between foot-long and 1.5-foot-long pieces.

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Nail the four corners of the board, place a spacer, then another board, and repeat!

Before you know it, you’ll have a beautiful backsplash.

You’ll want to generously spray the wood with a sealant to protect it from rotting. You can even use a wax or stain to achieve a darker look.

I love how simple this addition is…and it still makes such a cute statement! If you want more adorable inspiration, check out The Cozy Home Chronicles here.

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