Flying Didn’t Used To Suck — It Actually Used To Be Pretty Swanky

I hate flying. Actually, I don’t. Getting to see the world from cruising altitude, rocking in the turbulence — I like all of those things. (Yes, even the turbulence.) But being squashed into tiny seats, having your in-flight snacks doled out one peanut at a time, and getting to second base with TSA agents? Yeah, not so much.

But it didn’t always used to be this way. Back in the day, flying was a glamorous affair.

Okay, maybe hijackings were too much of a thing for a while, but at least the furniture was nice.

I mean, look at that interior.

Can’t you just picture this scene turning into an in-flight spy drama?

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Okay, maybe not in this case.

There were even times when you could wear your tiara to the airport and not feel silly. Today, they’d make you take it off before going through security.

And get a load of that flower-patterned upholstery.

Then again, I can probably only appreciate this because I wasn’t forced to grow up looking at it.

People in those days weren’t even confined to horribly tiny seats.

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This looks a bit more like a modern plane, but it’s still infinitely better.

Whoever designed this seemed to understand that the average person actually takes up space.

In this case, turbulence is not your friend.

We can only assume that these planes also came equipped with the latest in portable music technology.

Then again, it might be best to take these images with a proverbial grain of salt — after all, this is back when planes still had smoking sections.

I’m not usually one to give in to nostalgia, but I wouldn’t mind experiencing some of this glamour on my next flight. Of course, I am glad that I don’t have to live with 1970s mustaches and polyester everything, so maybe it’s a fair trade.

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