Dippy The Diplodocus Is Retiring From The Natural History Museum And Dinosaur Fans Are Distraught

But there’s some good news: Dippy could be going on tour!

1. People are reeling from the news the Natural History Museum has decided to remove a plaster-cast model of a diplodocus skeleton from its entrance hall.

Johnny Green / PA

2. From the summer of 2017, visitors to the museum will instead be welcomed by the huge skeleton of a blue whale.

Natural History Museum

The 25.2-metre female whale will be suspended from the ceiling of Hintze Hall.

The whale has been at the museum since 1891, 10 years after it opened.

3. The Natural History Museum said the decision to replace the dinosaur with the whale was part of a larger plan to show new specimens in the space.

Natural History Museum

A spokesperson added: “The blue whale was chosen to give an immediate, impactful introduction that illustrates Museum research into the rich biodiversity of Earth and a sustainable future, as well as the origins and evolution of life.”

4. Dippy the diplodocus has welcomed visitors to the museum for 35 years.

Natural History Museum

As a result, he has been a firm favourite among the museum-going public.

5. So it was hardly surprising some people were upset at learning the news of his retirement on Thursday morning.

Whaaaat ?!! Mildly outraged that Dippy is being booted out of Nat Hist Museum for an over-weight Whale ! http://t.co/s4L1GvpKOq

— BBCNormanS (@norman smith)

Save the Dippy One ! #dippy

— BBCNormanS (@norman smith)

Are the Natural History Museum out of their minds?? My four year old is about to take part in her first protest #savedippy #dinosaurs

— janemerrick23 (@Jane Merrick)

The Natural History Museum is replacing Dippy with a model of a Nokia 5210.

— FelicityMorse (@Felicity Morse)

I’m all for change and progress – but MOVING THE DIPLODOCUS out of the Natural History Museum… *writes stern letter to the Times*

— maxrushden (@Max Rushden)

14. However, the Natural History Museum moved to appease some of the disappointment by suggesting Dippy could soon travel around the country.

“The museum is exploring ways for more people to enjoy the iconic diplodocus cast, affectionately known as Dippy, including the possibility of it going on tour,” a spokesperson revealed.

15. The central hall at the Natural History Museum has included a variety of different skeletons and specimens throughout its history.

Charles Latham / Natural History Museum,

This is what is looked like in 1882, a year after it was opened to the public.

16. A sperm whale skeleton was displayed in Central Hall between 1882 and 1901.

Natural History Museum

17. This was the hall in 1895.

Natural History Museum

18. And July 1902.

The Natural History Museum / Trustees of the Natural Histor NHM Image Resources

19. An African elephant called George went on display at the museum’s entrance in 1907.

Natural History Museum.

20. George was later joined by other specimens.

Natural History Museum

21. And in 1979 Dippy took centre stage, along with a triceratops.

Natural History Museum

You can read more about Dippy’s retirement and the arrival of the blue-whale skeleton on the Natural History Museum’s website.

Read more: http://www.buzzfeed.com/richardhjames/dippy-the-diplodocus-is-being-retired

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