Breaking A Bone Is Almost Worth It If You Get A Cast Like This.

It’s never fun to break a bone. You have to wear a heavy, uncomfortable cast around all the time. You also have to worry about getting your cast wet. Worst of all, breaking a bone hurts a lot.

The awesome casts below won’t do anything for the pain, but they will end the monotony of having an itchy burden molded to your body at all times. They’re so cool. You’ll almost wish you had a broken bone so you could have one of these too. Almost… 

The Starry Night


Star Wars

Iron Man


Captain America


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The Scream

Sydney, Australia

Iron Man 2



(via Mental_Floss)

This makes me wish I had broken a bone at some point in my life. You never get anything cool when you just sprain your ankle. (P.S. An “air cast” isn’t as nearly as cool as it sounds.)

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