A Dad Decided It Was Time To Build A Treehouse For His Boy. The Result Made Me Insanely Jealous.

An incredible father and Reddit user decided to do something most dads would love to be able to do for their children: he was going to build a tree house. It wasn’t just any treehouse, though. It was a custom-made, incredibly well-designed treehouse that could make most adults jealous. The hours of hard work that this dad put into building the treehouse were well worth it, though. My first apartment wasn’t even this nice.

This was the original plan the dad drew up for the frame.

It starts!

Adding some legs…

Then, the first part of the floor was added.

Hanging out with mom and Fox in Socks.

Putting up the walls.

Then, adding the tin roof.

And the roof is complete.

The concept for the window.

Cutting and bolting the arm to the glass.

Then, cutting the hole where the window would go.

The window arm before welding.

Making a hinge for the window.

The finished window.

Testing it out.

Happy with the finished result.

And installed.

So nifty.

Phew, everything clears.

Next, onto installing some walls.

Adding some nice pine to the sides.

Plans for the second window.


Simple, but pretty.

The view from the inside.

The view looking out the square window.

Testing the bucket and pulley system that was added.

It was really coming together nicely.

Getting comfortable.

It’s tough being king of the castle.

Almost done.

The secret hatch in the back of the fort cracked open.

The latch to keep the secret hatch closed tight.

And open.

Thinking about what to do with the pulley system.

The rope he bought was glow-in-the-dark and STRONG.

Already getting comfortable in the treehouse.

Lit with a utility light at night, filled with boys and their dreams.

With a treehouse like this, any dream these kids would ever have would be able to come true. That house would be downright magical. Source: reddit.com Share this story if you’re both impressed by that father’s dedication… and maybe just a little bit jealous.

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