A 96 Year Old Man Has Been Secretly Working On This For 15 Years. Now It’s Revealed And… Wow.

Some might call this project a hobby, others would say it’s an obsession. A 96 year-old man spent an entire 15 years hand-creating a model town that is so large and so detailed, you won’t be able to believe that only one man was responsible for it. Some labors of love border on the insane.

This 96 year-old man has been working on the same project for 15 years.

With just his hands, he created an entire miniature world.

It’s so large, it’s almost impossible to fit it all in one photograph.

He didn’t have anyone help him. It was a labor of love.

Not only was this model huge…

But the details were incredible as well.

There were mountains.

A copper mill.

A horse farm.


Mountain ranges.

He modeled this homestead after the house he grew up in.

He even included a haunted area in the town.

Can I live in it?


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