A 5-Month-Old Baby Gorilla Needed Some Motherly Love. Where She Got It Is Beautiful.

The San Francisco Zoo recently welcomed a new baby gorilla to the world, and she’s adorable. The now 5-month old baby gorilla was named Kabibe, which means ‘little lady’ in Swahili.

The zoo has been carefully transitioning her care from the staff over to her western lowland gorilla family, and although her mother Nneka is doing just fine the matriarch grandma Bawang has jumped right into action as the infant’s adoptive mother, supervising her introductions to the other gorillas in the troop (something she also did for big brother Hasani, who is five-years-old now).

The San Francisco Zoo President, Tanya Peterson, had this to say:

Once again, Bawang has taken on the huge responsibility of motherhood and has set a positive tone for the troop. We feel very blessed to be able to contribute to the population of this critically endangered species and we feel especially grateful to introduce the entire gorilla family to the public during this holiday season.

Kabibe snuggles in her grandmother’s loving embrace.

As you can tell, baby Kabibe is clearly in very safe and loving hands with her grandmother.

Source: The San Francisco Zoo.

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