9 Facts That Prove Young People Are Reading More Than Adults

The Pew Research Center has released new data about the reading and technology habits of young Americans.

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Here are some facts that prove younger generations are more avid readers than any other age group:

1. In the past year, young adults are more likely to have read a book than older adults.

2. And 88% of all Americans under the age of 30 have read a book in the past year, as well.

3. Teens aged 16-17 are more likely to read school assignments, use the library, and read in general than adults.

4. 43% of young Americans read books in various different formats on a daily basis, which is more than any other age group.

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5. Adults who are 65 and older are the least likely age group to have read a book in the past year.

6. The majority of Americans under age 30 — 61% — have a library card.

7. But in the past year, young people are still more likely to have used a library, in some form.

8. And they’re also more likely to have used a library’s website or internet resources.

9. Overall, 94% of all surveyed young Americans said that “public libraries are welcoming, friendly places.”

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Click here to read the full report and learn more about how Americans are reading.

Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/krystieyandoli/facts-that-prove-young-people-are-reading-more-than-adults

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