19 Signs Your Mum Is A Cool Mum

1. She is your bitching buddy.

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She lets off steam about her friends and you do the same. And she always gets what you’re on about.

2. You always tell her when you like someone.

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3. And she gets more excited about it than you.

4. She’s also the first person you come to when it all goes wrong.

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5. And she always says the right thing.

This might not always be the right thing, but sometimes it’s all you want to hear.

6. Calling her is never a chore.

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7. You text each other all the time, with unnecessary amounts of detail.

Also facebook messaging, snapchatting, and sometimes virtual scrabble.

8. And sometimes when you have nothing to say, you just like to give each other little nudges.

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9. You always go shopping together.

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She listens to your fashion advice, even the truth bombs. And if she has a big occasion she’ll ask your opinion on outfit choice.

10. She’s your favourite person to go away with.

11. And probably to stay in with too.

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12. She likes your friends and they like her too.

Sometimes you all hang out together, and it’s cool.

13. When you’re away you genuinely miss hanging out with her.

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Other people bitch that their mum wants them to call, you wish you could call more.

14. She knows it is totally possible to be a parent and a friend.

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And both at the same time.

15. At times she has put up with a lot, but doesn’t hold it against you.

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Sure you lied to her when you were fourteen, but she knows she did the same to her mum.

16. She’s the first person you turn to for advice.

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Whether it’s which job to take, or what to make for dinner.

17. And she supports your decisions, even if it means you won’t get to hang out so much.

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Because she wants you to be the happiest you can be.

18. You never doubt she’ll be there for you.

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19. And you’ll be there for her too.

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<3 you mum.

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