17 Most WTF Moments From The “Mad Men” Season 6 Premiere

1. The fact that we don’t hear Don utter a single word until he meets a stranger at a bar.

Michael Yarish / AMC

Which is a good five minutes into the episode.

2. The fake-out heart attack scene in the cold opening, which kinda made me think Don was going to die.

3. Megan’s a famous soap actress now…I guess?!

Michael Yarish / AMC

4. Don accidentally switching lighters with a Vietnam vet and spiraling into a depression (kinda) because of it.

Which we’re still fairly unclear about, but think it has something to do with death.

5. Don’s fear of death invading his ad-campaign vision and nearly costing the firm an account.

Michael Yarish / AMC

6. Roger comforting his secretary with a drink in each hand after hearing that his mother has passed away.

7. And him being pretty numb to it all, until he gets this shoe-shine kit and bawls his eyes out.

8. Don puking at the memorial…

9. Roger propositioning his ex-wife at his mother’s funeral.

Oh, Roger! You old rascal!

10. Peggy’s boyfriend getting diarrhea from vegetarian food like it’s no big deal.


11. Peggy seeming somewhat deflated at her new job and calling out two losers on their shoddy work.

12. Fat Betty continuing to be…Fat Betty.

13. Betty’s rape jokes.

Yeah, those were pretty awkward, huh?

14. Betty being more concerned about Sally’s friend than she is about Sally.

15. All of the epic mustaches.

16. Betty dyeing her hair!

Haiii, Elizabeth Taylor, haiii.

17. And just when you finally think Don has a friend in the doctor, it turns out that he’s screwing the wife.

Who just so happens to be Linda Cardellini from Freaks and Geeks.

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