14 Times The UPS Guy Failed Miserably. In The Most Hilarious Way Possible.

Few things in life are as exciting as getting a package in the mail, especially when that big, brown truck pulls up. It’s like a mini-Christmas every time. But sometimes, you’re not home and that’s when something ridiculous tends to happen. In an effort to “do the right thing,” UPS employees are instructed to try to conceal the package so that it doesn’t get stolen. I can only assume there’s a running joke among the drivers to do it in the most useless way possible. The photos speak for themselves.

Something looks different here.

Is… is that my package?

Yes, that is my package trying to pass as boxy flowers.

Is this art?

No, this is art.

I always wanted a step leading into my house.

Nothing says “hey, there’s a package here to steal” quite like this.


And absurd…

Don’t worry, the plant will protect you.

Hey mat, you had two jobs: welcome people and conceal packages.You did neither.

This effective tactic is not limited to outdoors.

I like your new toupee.

Sleep tight, little package.

Perhaps I’ll choose FedEx if I’m not going to be home.

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